Oh, how I LOVE this family. Their daughter was my first newborn session (as best as we can recall) and Kelsey & Greg have patiently watched my business grow, skills develop and their newborn sessions improve since then. From no posing bean bag, to having the bag, and now, with their third Treasure, back to no bag and I'm still loving the results.  I'm so excited to share the photos we captured in their new home and the fun chaos that is three(!) little ones.

Little Mr. W needed a snack break, so we moved to working with his older siblings and Dad: 

I know the good Lord commands us not to covet, but oh, how I am jealous of their hardwood floors,  tall base mouldings, & fantastic indoor light for these precious munchkins! I warned Kelsey last night that these are among my favorites of their family yet:

Letting his older siblings be done, I focused all our attention on the main event (as the youngest of three, this may be the only time he's the main event!) And I haven't seen his parents look prouder of their brood than in these photos: 

Kelsey & Greg: You two are wonderful human beings and I'm so thankful you are in our lives! Thank you for having me document your family over and over again, allowing me the room to grow as a photographer and trusting me for the results. You are so good to me and good for me. 

Blessings as you transition to a family of FIVE!!