This family is just too cute! From Laidy's second week at her school when she announced she and Truman got married, I had a hunch this would be a special family to our family. Because seriously, how can you resist those dimples!? Bruce & Erin had a lovely morning for their shoot and Truman gave me quite the workout without me even realizing it, until my muscles were sore the next morning. (A preview of when Loch is on the run, perhaps?) :) 

When you're on Daddy's shoulders, you probably feel like King of the world and pretty invincible. Truman lapped it up! 

I love Erin's sense of style, even for a relaxed in-the-park family session. Perfect for playing Tag with Truman (he insisted on being "the Tagger" no matter how many times he "got" Mom & Dad!) and swinging him as high as possible: 

I also love how Bruce was all-in for these photos. Typically, Dads aren't thrilled to do family sessions, but Bruce's playful, fun-loving attitude helped immensely. Especially to egg Truman on like the photo just above. :) 

I'm pretty sure Truman did something like the far right photo in our first session together. That one miiiiight be my favorite from our morning-it's really hard to choose!!

Bruce + Erin: Thank you SO much for having me again to document your sweet family in this season of your lives. Truman is such a joy and I'm really thankful that Laidy has such wonderful classmates as him! 

Blessings to you!

PS You can view more of our time together HERE.