I've known these two (or known OF them) for so long that I forget how I actually first met them. (Maybe Upwards Sports at our church?) At any rate, our lives have intersected at various points and I've always wanted to get them in front of my camera. As luck would have it, Stephanie won a family session at our church's Women's Coffeehouse last November and we waited until the weather started behaving the way we wanted to get together. Stephanie and Matt's little man, Luke, is so adorable and he did fabulously for his first session with me! 

The grass was still a little wet from the past weeks of rain, so we did just a few sitting down and moved to standing (or throwing as the case may be)... :) 

From Mommy's arms to Daddy's shoulders! 

Stephanie + Matt: You guys have made one adorable little man! Luke did so well and I was really encouraged by our time together in conversation. Thank you so much for entrusting this milestone in your lives to me-I hope to photograph many more! 



PS You can view more of our time together HERE.