This young lady walked into my band room as a quiet 6th grader and left it as a confident, bubbly 8th grader. Following her achievements through the music department in her high school career has been a joy to me and my heart burst when she asked me to do her senior photos. How is it possible that Bridget is a senior this fall!?!? 

We started our session in the Maffit Reservoir Park area and I am so thankful for Bridget's sense of adventure to try new things, trust in me and what my eye saw. When you do that, we end up walking through tall grasses, wading through algae-infested water, and balancing on fallen tree trunks! And I am falling more and more in love with the results: 

A quick outfit change and I checked to make sure there wasn't any poison ivy or oak looking leaves before we ventured in...

Next stop was the water of the Reservoir area and this is where things got interesting: shimmying onto the trunk without a wardrobe malfunction and walking through thick mud without falling! I am proud of Bridget for many reasons outside of this shoot, but when a young lady is willing to do this for her photos-LOVE IT!

Bridget's dancing capabilities definitely came in handy to balance on that trunk. Additionally, we highlighted her career in dance by displaying ALL of her pointe shoes she's ever had: 

Bridget: You're a rock star, my dear! Thank you so much for having me out to do your photos-it was a joy and an adventure. Your calm demeanor as you faced any challenge I gave you both in the classroom and during your session tells me you'll be fantastic when you are by the side of little children in hospitals. Bedside manner can make or break a hospital visit and you'll work wonders for kids who find themselves there. I know you'll be successful in anything you set your mind to do!


PS You can view more of our time together HERE.