There are a few things that let me know I'm doing a good job in this little corner of the photography industry where I dwell. When a child voluntarily holds my hand or gives me a hug at any time during our session-I know the session is a success. When the dad of a family is actually semi-pumped about getting his photos taken, I know I've made his job of smiling at the camera as painless as possible. When a client refers not only a friend but her own sister? Yup, that gives me warm fuzzies. Tricia + Andrew come to me by way of Tricia's sister and I couldn't be more pleased that they came back for another session! (Another way I know I've done my job...) 

Andrew had just come back from a fishing trip (this is the summer of fish swimming their way through my sessions, I swear!) and thankfully, was able to do their session before heading in to work. This sweet family lives near us and my heart got so excited to learn that Gianna and Isabella will walk through the kindergarten doors with Laidy in the fall of 2018! (Lord, please let them share a classroom!) Their lively, sometimes adventurous and equal parts sweet personalities would run right alongside Laidy's. :) 

It was a beautiful morning and we took advantage of the gorgeous light, scenery and cooler temps before the heat of the day:

Can you guess which one is adventurous and which one is sweet? ;) 

Andrew + Tricia: Thank you so much for working me into your schedule in between fishing trips and family gatherings. You guys are the best and I love photographing Isabella and Gianna. They're absolutely adorable and I love their vivacious spirits!



PS You can view more of our time together HERE.