It's always special to me when a bride and groom ask me to take photos of their new addition. You might remember Jess + Ben from previous posts, and I feel honored to say that I'm now their family photographer too. :) It's my pleasure to introduce you to Ms. Ellie Sophia: 

I love that little outtake from just above. :) It's totally Jess' personality! To highlight part of Ben's life, we used quilts, blankets (and even burp cloths!) that have been made out of his camos from his service in the marines. I LOVE implementing special things in families' sessions that help tell their story and make it uniquely their's. 

Ellie has massively strong neck muscles, otherwise we wouldn't have attempted the photo above. And I'm always safe when posing newborns with a parent right nearby once my hands leave the baby's body. She was a gem and did so well, we gave this one a shot, though it is very rare that it worked out in this pose! Yay Korfs! 

Jess + Ben: I pray that recovery is going well and that you are able to enjoy this time at home with her! Just from our time together, you have a system working for you in such short order, I have no doubt it speaks to the rest of your time as parents-you're rockstars already! Can't wait to see Ms. Ellie grow in front of my camera!


PS You can view more of our time together HERE.