You've seen this sweet family before and I can't believe that Ms. Maisie (short for Mary Margaret) is steadily approaching one year already! She's an absolute doll and her brothers are pretty good at encouraging her and loving on her. All three of them did an absolute knock-out job smiling for me and having fun with my camera!! In all honesty though, I think the outtakes are my favorite, so I've sprinkled a few in. ;) 

The challenge of our time together was that Andrew had just had knee surgery the week prior. So, we took it easy on the posing for him and he was such a trooper! I did my best to keep him stationary and let the kids buzz around him for group shots so he didn't have to move too much! 

We did a few individuals of each kiddo but they couldn't resist staying away from Maisie for too long....

It seemed by this point that Maisie was about done with putting on a camera-ready face, but a few dances with Andrew, and she was all set! Too cute not to photograph!

Mary + Andrew: Thank you so much for coming to me again and again! It's been so fun for me to watch your family grow-the boys get taller and have legit conversations with them-and watch Maisie look even MORE like her gorgeous Mama. I know this stage of life is busy and physically exhausting, but man, there are some definite fun times! Thanks for letting me be a part of it. 



PS You can view more of our time together HERE.