Amanda + Trevor have an easy way about them. Casual and laid back. I love that we can joke about finding enough remnants in a child's carseat to make a handful's worth of a snack-and then actually go scrounge for it! Parenthood for the win! Every child has a challenging session here and there-today was Blaine's turn. But, that makes every smile you see below an even bigger success story. 'Cuz, dude, teeth hurt and it's hard being a 1-year-old! 

Enough backstory-enjoy this family's cuteness (need I mention that I LOVE their outfits!?) :) 

After conning some smiles out of Blaine by rough-housing/silliness with brother Graham, we gave Blaine a quick break for the handful of snack from the carseat. And we got some shots of just Graham. Then, we added in a bouncy ball and crossed our fingers for Mr. Blaine. :) (Sidenote: Don't Amanda's eyes look a gorgeous glassy blue?!)

More snuggles and fun candids: Look at the ear-to-ear grin on Blaine!!!

A few more of Graham and Blaine joined our fun! 

Amanda + Trevor: You guys are wonderful!! Thank you so much for being in our lives-we have to get together more often! Your family is absolutely precious and I love that your boys have your eyes, Amanda! Here's hoping you enjoy the remainder of your summer! 



PS You can view the rest of our time together HERE.