I love getting to know new families! Especially those that live in Norwalk! Kathryn and Ben have darling twin little ladies who just recently turned one. Now, I know the definition of twins is that they came from the same Mama, typically on the same day. Crazy tidbit for you: these twins have different birthdays! They bookend midnight by a little bit each! I've never met twins who have that situation and it makes their story super interesting to me. Ms Emma was up and walking and Nora is pretty close behind her. :) Enjoy their cuteness!

I loved the morning light we got to capture! And the girls loved being thrown up in the air!

So, funny story with the photos directly above: Emma may be walking, but Nora makes up for it by taking possession of any toy Emma may have. Note to my photographer self: bring TWO toys to entertain twins so that there isn't a disagreement over it! lol whoopsy.

Now, for the photos below-I absolutely loved their arm rolls and darling hair curls!

Kathryn + Ben: Thank you so much for contacting me! I always love widening my circle of Norwalk families/friends. I pray blessings on the remainder of your summer and I know you'll be getting your daily workouts in chasing these two vivacious ladies. Keep trucking-you're doing great!!



PS You can view the rest of our time together HERE