It's always a reality check when a former student gets in front of my camera. Tyson was such fun to teach in middle school and he's grown to a wonderfully talented young man. We started his session at Waterworks and while I was able to get smiles from him, when his girlfriend, Rachel showed up, the grin stretched from ear to ear. Tyson's mom and I were chop liver after that and it was too sweet to not capture on camera. . . 

From Waterworks, we headed downtown for a few to catch the sun's reflection as it headed down the horizon. I love leveraging natural light and the fun geometrical challenges it presents! 

We were really chasing the sun at this point in the day, but we made it back to Norwalk just in time for a few baseball shots at the old stadium's seating. Tyson and his peers have grown up watching Norwalk build their new auditorium and stadium. I think they might have been the first or second class to enjoy the auditorium/stadium additions from 6th grade all the way through high school. It was a bit nostalgic to use the old seats with the old press box and concession stand as his backdrop!

Tyson & Kim: Thanks so much for having me out for a fantastic session! I'm so grateful to get to be a small part of Tyson's senior year. Best of luck in the home stretch of high school and I look forward to hearing great things of your future endeavors!



PS You can view more of our time together HERE.