A friend of a friend and former student and seeing my work on Twitter helped get this young lady in front of my camera! I've had the pleasure of teaching her younger siblings and several of her friends and I'm so thankful I got to know Madi during our time together last week. A stellar student and tennis player, I can tell that Madi is destined for great things as she faces college options this fall! 

We had a great time maximizing our space near West Des Moines' Library and thoroughly enjoyed the lighting provided to us! 

We headed over to Raccoon River and had fun with the sunset and water!

Lastly, we hit a quick stop in Valley Junction and added her beloved favorite tennis racket to mark that participation throughout high school:

Madi & Sandee: Thank you so much for trusting me to capture you in this special time of your life! It's an honor and I really enjoyed getting to know a new student outside of the music program. I wish you nothing but the best for your senior year-enjoy your internship in the math department and I know you're going to do awe-some things beyond your time at Norwalk High School. 

Blessings in everything, 


PS You can view the rest of our time together HERE.