We first met Mr. W a few months back and it was high time for his Tummy Time shoot! But, when the skies are blue and his eyes even blue-er, we start tummy up! 

It's been so ridiculously dry for an Iowa summer that we didn't have much green grass to work with (whomp, whomp), but we still thoroughly enjoyed the shade! We added in Tommy & Natalie for a few frames before adding in Greg & Kelsey too. 

I love doing photos of Mamas with their babies! I sincerely hope my Mama clients/friends see how beautiful they truly are even if they feel haggard or frazzled from getting ready for a session. Kelsey, you have nothing to worry about! You look fantastic! 

Kelsey has an uncanny way of remembering facts (she teaches AP Euro History after all). We've done a pretty thorough job of reenacting photos we've done of both Natalie and Tommy for William too so that as third born, he doesn't feel like he's third in priority. :) So, the toes right above? That's a "Natalie-Tommy-now William" shot. Those little footsies don't stay little for long!

Kelsey + Greg: THANK YOU. It's not enough for your friendship, humor and being in the trenches with Gerard and I, but THANK YOU. For all that you are as people and for being in it with us joyfully. You're the best!



PS You can view more of our time together HERE.