I still remember the day Randi first called me to photograph her newborn son, Logan. It was my lunch break at school and I was pumping for my own baby and had such empathy for what Randi was about to experience as a new mom. I still remember their address by heart because the pen I used to write it down was about to die and I had to dig the pen deeply into the paper so I could study the indentations later. (So professional, right?) Now, 3 1/2 years later, here comes Jemma! 

Jemma is supposedly an 8lb baby, but Randi and I looked at each other after seeing her in Ben's arms and said, "Where is that weight hiding?!" :)

Logan is such a proud older brother! Not only did he gain a sister, but his Mama gained a master's degree and opened a bar while pregnant with Jemma. Talk about "birthing" babies! Each one of those is a HUGE accomplishment on its own! 

Randi + Ben: Thank you so much for having me out and being so low key! I cannot fathom doing all that you've done in the last year or so-makes me exhausted just thinking of it all. Hopefully, maternity leave will give you some rest? A different kind of rest perhaps. :) 

Blessings on EVERYTHING, 


PS You can view more of our time together HERE.