You've watched this family grow and grow up on this blog for several years now so I feel like they need no introduction! Christie + Jeremy are awesome people to hang out with and their kids are wonderful little people (and bigger people) to teach! We got some of the whole group first and then broke it down to just the kids (Maddi, Parker, Lily, Coby, and Bria), then just the ladies or gents: 

Bria had a mind to stop her fall this week with her face (Laidy can relate!) so most of these, you'll be able to see her battle wounds. On her individual portrait, I did tweak it so you won't see the ouchies. :) Part "Document the Stage of Life", part "Nice Portrait for the Wall Frames", if you will! 

A few of just Christie + Jeremy...I love their antics! And they get the record for most people in a group "Child Throw" shot! Well done Sweets! 

Christie + Jeremy: It's always a pleasure to hang out with you all! You put anyone in your presence at ease to be themselves and your fun nature is always entertaining! Thanks for coming back again and again and again-it's the best compliment I can receive! 

Blessings on your school year!
PS You can view the rest of our time together HERE.