I had seen Whitney flit through the choir room at the middle school, but it'd been several years so I'd forgotten just how red her hair was. As I walked up to the Botanical Gardens to meet her, her mom and sister, the memory of her red hair struck me afresh. Interestingly enough, it's her red hair that's directing her course of study for college: genetics. "How in the world did I get this hair?!" she questioned jokingly as she explained what all she will do at (potentially) Iowa State. 

All I can say is, I had a blast photographing her as we went from the Gardens throughout some downtown and made our way back to Norwalk. :)

In various photography classes I've taken, I've heard the phrase that photographers "chase light". We definitely did that and screeched to a halt when I saw what the sun was doing between these two overpasses of the freeway and I'm so thankful Whitney trusted me and just went with it!

After a quick stop at the Chinese Cultural Center, we headed down to Norwalk and with the sun behind some clouds, enjoyed an open field for some more nature. For never being a model, I thought Whitney kept nailing it, one after another!

Whitney + Amanda: I know this next month is a big one! I hope you're able to celebrate, and once the dust has settled, truly sit down and reflect that not only do you have one daughter getting married, but another one graduating! What a big year!! Enjoy!!



PS You can view the rest of our time together HERE.