Whew! June is almost over and these sessions happened awhile back so I’m catching up! Amanda & Trevor have become sweet friends ever since their first session with me when their oldest was turning 1. Graham is now 5, going on 6 and a third Little Boy is on the way (due on Loch’s bday, no less!) We squeezed in a short maternity/family session because ice cream was waiting for us at home as a reward and play time with our kids. Here are some of the best that we captured of Amanda, Trevor, Graham, Blaine (born a month before Loch) and Baby!

We let the boys play on the playground with Laidy & Loch for a job well done and caught a few of just Amanda with Trevor:

Trevor & Amanda, You guys are awesome! I’m so thankful we’re friends and that our kids are growing up together. I’m also really excited to meet Baby #3-you guys have a pretty great “clone stamp” with your boys, so I’m sure this one will be just as adorable and full of cheeks!

Best on his arrival and becoming a family of 5!!

PS You can view the rest of our session together HERE.