I don’t think Jen + Adam had any idea what Life would throw them on their wedding day. I had the privilege of being there as an associate photographer on their ridiculously hot day. So hot, in fact, I had to go home prior to the reception due to heat stroke! On their wedding day blog post, I talked about their ability to be flexible in the face of adversity with the weather and their outdoor wedding venue. I’m not sure there’s a proper word in the dictionary for the kind of flexibility in adversity that Jen + Adam walked through a short few years ago.

You’ll notice there’s a little bear in most of their family photos. Jen was pregnant with their third child and went in for their 20 week ultrasound when the lab tech had to bring the doctor in. Which, for most who have been in this situation before know, that’s not a good thing. The doctor informed Jen & Adam that their baby would not survive outside of the womb because of defects with her kidneys and urinary tract: Potter’s Syndrome. They named their baby girl, Sawyer and went to Build-A-Bear to commemorate her with the recording of Sawyer’s heartbeat in hand. Build-A-Bear implanted the heartbeat recording into Sawyer-Bear and will replace any battery whenever necessary. Thankfully, Jen & Adam were able to have a fourth, perfectly healthy daughter after Sawyer, but her imprint will always be with their family and in these photos with the matching dress that Jen made for her. (I’ll pause here with the story while you go grab some kleenex…)

Having narrowly missed the rain drops (you can kind of see them falling in the photos below), the clouds parted like a sweet miracle and we just let the girls run and get the wiggles out for a bit:

Jen + Adam: It is an incredible honor to help document your family at this stage of your lives. I am so pleased the rain held off, the girls did phenomenally well and I’m thankful for the opportunity to cross paths again. Thank you for having me and I wish you the best of summers and transition to the school year-no matter what the Lord has in store for your career path!



PS You can view the rest of our time together HERE.