There were so many surreal moments during this session that I had to stop and say it outloud, “I am photographing Brad’s engagement session. WHAT?!” and we’d all laugh. God put Megan in Brad’s life via church and we are all so thankful for her presence in his life and our’s! Now, having edited these images, I found myself saying, “I’ve never seen Brad happier, grinning from ear to ear!” Megan, welcome to the group!!

We started their session at Principal Park, which if you’re not from Des Moines, is where the ICubs (the Chicago Cubs feeder team) play when they’re at home. We headed to the dugout first, then the pitcher’s mound & home plate (even though both were covered for protection from the weather). I am so excited with how these turned out!! Enjoy. :)

We also added in Brad’s dog, Max to the party and he did great! I’m pretty sure he was living out his ultimate dream of being on a minor league ball field. Fun fact: the jersey that Megan is wearing has 83 on the back from their wedding day: August 3rd and Cook as they’re last name. Super cute! When I asked Brad why he didn’t have the same, I was met with a snarky scowl and was informed his was the Cubs’ World Series jersey. Clearly, I’m too big an Angels & Reds fan and haven’t followed the Cubs closely enough!

Quick outfit change and we headed to Drake where part of their wedding day will be. But today, since we weren’t in a huge crunch for time, we enjoyed catching up with each other and scoping out spots to use for their big day as well as nabbing some engagement shots along the way.

Megan + Brad: It is an honor and a joy to know I get to be a small part of your wedding day in a few short weeks!! Thank you so much for having me and I hope these images capture your joy in starting a life together. I am so glad that Brad has found the woman God made for him and that he can’t wipe a smile off his face if you paid him. Megan, thank you for being that woman for Brad!


PS You can view more of their engagement photos HERE.