I know I’ve said it before, but it bears repeating: the Class of 2020 has some pretty special students in it and I’m not sure what I’m going to do without them! Eva is one of those special young women that has lit up my office since 6th grade. Her group of clarinets was the first I got to teach for 3 years straight (I normally only teach the flutes through 8th grade) and I’m so thankful I got that extra year! She was one of the students I first let know I was pregnant with Lochlyn because, as our main babysitter, she needed to know her job was about to get heftier. ;)

The main reason I have loved Eva’s refreshing presence in my life is because she is unabashedly, unashamedly, without hesitation, HERSELF. She has walked into the band room with these big galoshes-type rain boots on without batting an eye, “It’s muddy out there, Mrs. Krupke.” She wore them to band camp after a torrential downpour left the practice field a jungle and her peers were jealous that she could pull them off, “You could too, you just put one foot on and then the other.” She has helped others believe in themselves without question her entire high school career and I’m sure she will continue to do so throughout her lifetime.

Confidence is said to be contagious and Eva’s is totally worth catching. I hope and pray that Adelaide catches that kind of confidence in this last year of Eva babysitting her! With all this being said about confidence, Eva also has a healthy dose of realism in her spirit. And while she “doesn’t sport”, we did some of her senior photos at the NHS stadium where she spends a healthy amount of time there as drum major. While I’ve photographed here a ton in the past, I wanted to do something different for Eva and we snuck under the stadium seats and caught a few photos that I can safely say, no other client of mine has!

We headed out to Maffitt Reservoir area and honestly, just chased the good light as the sun went down! Eva dreams of being a legal analyst for a news station someday-when she flashed her smirk my way, I could totally see her staring down an opponent in the court room or any debate stage. I dare you to disagree!

We headed down to the dock area and lapped up the glowy light that was perfect for our evening!

Tricia & Scott: You have done an outstanding job as parents! Can I just be a fly on the wall of your home and take copious notes? Thank you for giving the music department and our family the gift of Eva and all that she is to us. Not sure her shoes will ever quite be filled!

Eva: We are going to do everything we can to keep you close to home! Thank you for keeping our kids safe and for being such a great role model for both of them. It’s students like you who make me look forward to the teenage years when Laidy gets there. Thank you for all that you’ve taught ME!

Blessings this year!

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