Wow, it’s been awhile since I’ve been in a delivery room at a hospital! Aside from delivering Lochlyn, I last photographed Amanda’s second child, Blaine a month before Loch’s arrival. Now, Amanda + Trevor have three boys and I was in awe as a fly on the wall of their room with the chaos of Blaine & Graham wrestling Trevor, how calm Amanda was. In rapid succession, doctor and nurse and lactation consultant came in throughout my hour there and checked in on Baby Vaughn, Amanda, any meds that needed to be given, and started the Discharge Day routine. Throughout it all, Amanda stayed focused, unshaken and was clear-headed. If she weren’t holding Vaughn, you wouldn’t know she’d just given birth, let alone to a 9lb baby!!

Enough of my jabbering, let’s get to the cuteness:

Baby Vaughn was most comfortable either in the blanket that his big brothers picked out for him or with his Mama, so we were pretty short and sweet on the naked (with a diaper) portion of his shoot. He’s also 9lbs and wanted nothing to do with curling up any more! ;)

Amanda: I am so proud of you and impressed by you! Epidural or not, I loved seeing your confidence take flight with Vaughn’s arrival and your mother-instinct kick in full throttle. As you’re in the midst of putting your house on the market and moving (eeek!), know that you always have our house to crash for a showing or to escape the crazy wrestlers (Trevor included) ;)

All the best!

PS You can view their full session HERE.