Vanessa is what I call and mover & a shaker. She gets the job done in a logical, pragmatic way that is no nonsense (with maybe a little bit of wit thrown in for good measure). She’s also a young lady who knows what she wants, so when she approached me to do indoor images solely with her guitars, I knew we were looking at a mini senior session. Bless their hearts, Vanessa and her mom Val lugged NINE guitars to our session together (leaving 4 more at home!) and thankfully, they all fit in Vanessa’s truck! Phew.

Having taught Vanessa flute & piccolo, I thoroughly enjoyed seeing this side of her musical life as she’s been the bass player for jazz band since 7th grade (I’m pretty sure?). Though petite in stature, her confidence and composure makes her feel like she’s 6 feet tall when she stands next to me. No matter what she does after college, I know she will be one to stand firm in her convictions, stick to her guns (or…guitars, rather), and be unapologetically her lovely self.

Vanessa, It’s been a pleasure teaching you, photographing you and I’m so excited I get to teach you AGAIN this year with a camera in hand! What a blessing you and your family have been to the music department and I can’t wait to hear from your Mama all about your collegiate endeavors. Until then, let’s enjoy your senior year!

Mrs. K

PS You can view Vanessa’s favorites HERE.