I know I said it a bunch on their wedding day, but I’m still pinching myself. Brad & Megan are married!!! You may have seen my social media post about it the night of, but just in case you didn’t….Brad, Brad’s Best Man Matt and I were in a TON of music education classes together at Drake. For the better part of 2.5 years, I knew where they were at any given moment of the day and that I could call them up for help at a moment’s notice. They were the older brothers I never had and politely refrained from the opportunity to kill me in a snowball fight. (Brad is from Iowa, Matt from North Dakota, so this SoCal girl didn’t have a snowball’s chance in *&$% of coming out alive!) Suffice it to say that when we were all on the dance floor with our spouses and Matt & Allie’s kids and the Krupke kids were dancing on the floor too, it was such a slice of Heaven for me.

You wonder in high school and college if you’ll remain friends with those peeps or if you’ll all disperse after graduation. I’m so thankful to say that we (& a host of additional Drake friends) are still in the Des Moines Metro Area and our paths cross a couple times a year. There may be opportunity for that to increase in the coming weeks, so we’ll stay tuned to what God has in store. I digress….

I walked into the bridal getting ready room at our church and I don’t think it’s ever been that calm before! I was in awe and immediately took a deep breath. This was going to be an awesome day! Megan & Brad had the sweetest First Look at the Capitol downtown and then we wrapped photos super early at Drake University. Many of these photos were taken by my awesome side-kick, Sarah Heimbruch of Blue Ivy Photo.

Brad’s great friend, Matt Roberts, was their officiant and lived out his dream of really being The Rev (we always called him the Reverend as a student at Drake) :) It was a beautiful ceremony that honored the Lord and deep friendships.

Drake University for the Reception!!

Brad & Megan: Thank you so much for the honor of photographing the start of your lives together. What a joy to be a part of it all. We wish you nothing but the best the Lord has in store and know that we are always here for you! (Megan, I’m specifically here for you during the busy seasons of the school year!!) ;)


Carrie (& Gerard)

PS You can view the rest of their day HERE.