This girl is going places. She does her homework on a topic and becomes an expert-she even referenced my senior magazine and when she did, her mom said she read it approximately four times! Savanna is taking just about every class this year as an AP or Honors course and was already fretting over how to fit in college visits with that rigorous a schedule before school started. We were, however, able to kick up our heels (literally & figuratively) during our time together and have a ball! I love that despite her hefty course load, we were able to capture some of her silly side and that those silly portraits became her & her mom’s favorites simply because “that’s our Savanna”. Enjoy!

A quick outfit change and we tried the same spot before hopping over to a new locale:

I think she had just swatted a bug away from her face in the photo above, or maybe it was something I said…Either way, these next several photos in the white lace dress that she plans to wear for graduation had us all enthralled and super ecstatic to see the final products!!! (And yes, this dress is to die for because it has POCKETS!)

Here comes the fun!

Savanna-I hope you have a wonderful senior year and I know you will figure out a way to do college visits in the midst of those tough classes. If your session is any indicator of how studious and prepared you are-naturally gifted in organization and administration-then I think you’ll be just fine! It was such a pleasure to work with you, select your favorites and produce items for you that you’ll treasure forever!

Enjoy the ride,