I first took this couple's photos for their engagement session last fall and they were one of the first people to say, "We trust you, just tell us what to do." What freedom as a photographer!
Tiffany & Dave:
I wanted to say what an honor it was to photograph your wedding. Thank you so much for bestowing trust in me from just a few examples of my work in college. Tiff, I truly appreciate your friendship, your SAI sisterhood friendliness and your contagious sense of humor. Dave, welcome to the roller coaster ride of marriage! With a woman like Tiff by your side I think you'll be just fine. She brings out a side of you I've never seen. ("What?!!? Dave tears up?! Really?!?!) When she touches your hand or cheek, you smile so gently and we all can tell she brings you such comfort. What a treasure to cherish. To both of you: Enjoy Jamaica!! Enjoy the photo preview here and it's just a taste of what's to come!!

Tiffany has boundless energy, but today, she was calm and graceful under pressure (really "chill") with the energy bubbling up to the surface every now and then. Here's the "calm before the Tiffany storm".

Tiffany's favorite color is green and she slyly put it in places that not everyone might look. . .
Tiffany and all her ladies went to Drake so it was only fitting that we put Drake's architecture into the works. I think it did its work well. . .

When I think of Dave, I think of a certain personality. Today, he was more subdued like his bride, but on occasion, the Dave I know more came out.



Justin, my head photographer, taught me how to coordinate the channels on the camera's body to the flash without using a remote control. That way, with dance shots, they aren't blurry and you can get a cool effect with a back light. Here's the daddy/daughter dance.