I was prepared to let Becky in on a secret as I approached the coffee shop where were going to meet. "Maybe you just haven't met him yet." We sat down with our warm concoctions and I hearkened back to our two months of living together before I was married, Becky living with Gerard and I for a summer while working night shifts at a nursing home. I also remembered her wonderful family and how warmly and affectionately her parents consistently welcome Gerard and I into their home for countless meals. And I thought to myself, "Who is good enough for her?" 
        About halfway through our time together, Becky landed the bomb. "I have met someone. And we've decided to start a relationship. I really want your blessing." As my jaw dropped upon hearing who it was, Becky vomited up every reason why she was in love with Zac AND every word in each of their conversations leading up to beginning a relationship AND that she did have the approval of her parents AND other accountability partners in their lives AND they were looking at a fall wedding date. Here I was ready to tell her "Maybe you just haven't met him yet." AND here she is telling me they've picked October 2nd to become ONE. Eerrrrrrtt!

I jokingly told her that I'd give her my blessing if I could shoot her wedding. Well, half kidding...sorta...;)After spending time with Zac & Becky together, it seems a natural fit and God's blessings abound. They're very passionate and zealous for living a life for the Lord and blessing others through that unifying entity. A strand of three cords is not easily broken. Zac & Becky-your ONEness combined with the Lord will not be easily broken.

 They put their teams' sweatshirts on and the funny thing is, neither of them went to either of these schools! There really isn't a rivalry between the schools they actually went to, but when you live in Iowa, you apparently have to have an opinion about these two. I guess Zac's an OK guy-he goes for my dad's alma mater AND he picked Becky....
I called my mom after this shoot and said, "I'm as reliable as the postman Mom! I've now done a photo shoot in sun, snow AND rain!" Becky & Zac were such great troopers through the drizzle that was our time together.
Here's looking forward to October!