This little guy was an adorable ring bearer for the hottest wedding I've ever shot. (And by hottest, I mean it was about 95degrees with 95% humidity-the most disgusting part of living in Iowa by far...) It was so hot that, despite drinking skads of water, I was overcome by heat stroke and had to go home after the outdoor ceremony. Dan covered the remainder of the reception like a champ while I was lying on a bed with 2 fans and a cold washcloth...
ANYWAY. Despite my brief encounter with the bride/groom and their families, the bride's sister, Allison, wanted some outdoors-y shots of their soon-to-be 5 year old while the weather was still nice out. (And by nice, I mean fall colors changing, 75degree weather and basically no humidity in comparison-a great part of living in Iowa by far...) Our October session fell on an abnormally warm day and I greeted Allison with a hug and said, "Why do I always see you when it's unusually hot out?" We had a good laugh and proceeded to document her adorable son, Brock. Who has eyes to die for.
This next shot is really neat because, not only am I NOT in the reflection in his glasses, Dad is. A son is always a reflection in some way of his father.
 Allison & Josh, I wish you all the best in your pregnancy with Baby #2! If he or she is anything like Brock, you guys are in for a treat and a blessing.  But you already knew that. ;)
Looking forward to future sessions as your family grows!