Our second half of Christmas break can pretty much be summed up in one word: CAMDEN. Yes, Katie, Eric, Grandma, Mom & Dad were all there, but CAMDEN! We got to visit with one of my cousins and her two girls and husband, but CAMDEN!
Our first Meet N' Greet, she face planted it onto my chest and stayed there for half an hour. Super sweet.
When Whitney came down to visit, we worked out a fun baby shoot while Katie got her nails done. (A new mom needs some pampering right?!) Here are some of Whitney's results. We are convinced of 2 things-1. we love the red head in our family and her contrast to a green outfit. and 2. Camden will be the next Gerber baby. Look out Brooke Shields!
Then, we got Camden into her Mrs. Claus outfit with a touch of holly for added effect. Does she not holler Christmas?! :)
Gerard's reaction to this next shot: "Camden's thinking, 'I am the mastermind behind this operation...'" Whitney's girls, Hannah on the left and Claire on the right.
We were also able to arrange a group shot:
We completely forgot to get a "women's only" photo, but at least we're all in there! I think the following shots might be a little more important in the long run: Great Grandma Mardette with Camden.
I went to CA with all intentions of helping my Mom cook, bake, set tables and do dishes, and unfortunately, I did NONE of the above. I felt like I was in the way and totally pampered at the same time. I know it takes a ton of work to set a table like this, but Mom knows how to do it right for Christmas dinner...even though Christmas has already passed...
While there was a bunch of chaos all around, I nabbed some shots of Camden myself. I have to say, I love my parents' dining room with a sky light in the roof-wonderful lighting!

This baby doll crib has been in our house for as long as I can remember and now there can be a real baby doll in it!
For Christmas, one of the books that Camden received is a Pirate version of 'Twas the Night Before Christmas. Katie did quite an entertaining job of reading in her best pirate voice. Arggggh!
Some Daddy time:

I have to break up the Camden reverie to prove that yes, my husband did go surfing and yes, he did survive while we were here:

Now, back to Camden: when you have this to wake up to, who wouldn't want one?
One more Williams girls shot before we headed off to chilly Des Moines. I think we look pretty darn good for 6am on New Year's Day don't you? Camden wasn't quite photo ready in her own opinion...

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