Gather around the water cooler and I've got a tall tale for you. It's actually not too tall-more like a 5'4" Mimi-story. Mimi is Gerard's adopted sister from South Korea and gave birth to sweet baby Caden early March. Now, Mimi and her husband, Adam (my fellow Californian "out-law"!) made the trek from New Mexico to Pheonix's airport and then, finally, to the QC (for you non-Iowan's, that's short for Quad Cities..) for Caden to be baptised with all the family around. We all were zonked out before our head's hit the pillows that night.

Less than 12 hours later, Mimi was unfortunately, pretty sick. We thought we knew what it was, but this spell of sickness lasted much longer than ever before. Bent over as if a 90 year old osteoperosis patient, Mimi made her way to Urgent Care and eventually to the ER where she was admitted with gall stones. Voila! No, it's no longer uber-awful heartburn/acid reflux. She's been passing gall stones for goodness knows how long. Two surgeries later, the Brogla family gathered 'round the hospital waiting room as is their wont to do of late. Father Wolf joined the party and we made our way to the hospital chapel for a different kind of baptism service than we necessarily anticipated. 

Let me back up slightly. Because Mimi spent the entire weekend in the hospital-Caden was introduced not only to formula but to Auntie Carrie & Uncle Gerard Care. Gerard has a history of falling asleep while eating (as a child, not now!) Here, he's falling asleep while feeding: (notice Ella "on watch" to guard her precious cargo)
NOW to the hospital baptism:
Great-Grandpa Brogla found Caden's ticklish spot on his feet-
Mimi made her grand appearance, detached from her IV and freshly showered-she probably felt like a new woman!
Caden was very attentive to Father the entire ceremony.
Gerard is Caden's Godfather and Cousin Lucy is his Godmother. Gerard was trying to speak like Marlon Brando throughout the weekend. . .I coulda been a contenda...
My one picture with baby Caden in tow!!
Mimi-you are beautiful-even after two surgeries...
As if I didn't already respect Mimi a ton for her efforts in getting Caden to the QC last April to meet great-grandma Billie before she passed, having two surgeries with relatively little complaint and looking this gorgeous and put-together...Mimi: you're incredible and have a larger heart than your not-so-tall body would lead people to believe.

You can view the remaining images of our crazy weekend HERE.