It seems like third time's a charm for this gorgeous family. Our first shoot two years ago was cut short due to rainy weather and we were forced to go indoors. Our second shoot last year was lengthy enough, but it was so frigid, the girls' footsies were frozen by the time we were done. This year, we did our best to get our session scheduled before cooler weather hit and this weekend did not disappoint!
Kearstin's sense of style always brings me to wonder "What will the girls be wearing this time?" Without a doubt, something absolutely adorable and utterly girly. PERFECT.
I can't decide who looks more like their mother, Eden or Bri, but they both definitely inherited her gorgeous blue eyes. And this year, Kear let me photograph her blue eyes with Dave in the same shot! :)
While trying to get a full family photo, the girls went slightly goofy, as witnessed by the middle photo. So, we took a break and had some cuddle time, as witnessed by the outer photos.
I realize that the following photo is a blooper in the extreme, but I LOVE Dave's expression and the fact that he's the only one looking right at me. Sorry man, you're totally outnumbered! Girls=3, Boys=1.

Then, we were able to get to the business of a family shot:
I also love watching mothers and daughters interact. Kear is such a gorgeous Mama and knows just what to do to get her girls smiling. Tickling and "knock-knock" jokes. Love it!
I could've spent a lot more time photographing this beautiful girls, but the lure of lollipops in the car was so strong. . .:)

Kear & Dave (and girls): Thank you so much for having me a third time and I'm so glad the weather cooperated! I can't say enough how beautiful a family you have and I'm excited to see what these Little Ones look like in a year!

PS You can view the rest of our session HERE.