Erin and Carl. Erin, Carl and Zach. Zach and Carl. Erin and Zach. . . Yes, this is a repeat appearance of Erin and Carl's lovely family of three, but we always try to make it different. Making his fourth modeling gig, but this time as an 18 month-old, Zach was all smiles and jibber-jabber as we met on the capitol's steps last week. He had to tell me all about his day and I felt special, then Erin told me he does that with Carl every day when he comes home from work. That just kicked me up to the next tier. An 18 month old has the same conversation with me as he does with his daddy-o?! Sweet.

Right now, Zachy is all about Thomas the train and even though it's "just a t-shirt", this is where Zachy is in life. And that's what I love to document. Family milestones and quirks that will make people laugh when these photos roll through the wedding slideshow someday. ;)

I LOVE our downtown Des Moines. In the middle of this smaller metro area, there are beautiful rolling grass parks that are host to Des Moines Symphony concerts on 4th of July and loads of other awesome events for this city. After seeing a few of these images, I'm proud to call this place home.
As we waited for Carl to arrive from work, Erin busted out a bunch of awesome baby books. Some of these, Zachy knows by heart. This kiddo knows his vegetables, fruits, animals and, while, our form of "tomato" may sound just like "potato", coming from him, I still think he's super smart!
Enter Daddy-o!

I always try to do something different on a shoot: new client, new pose, new location, new manual settings to try. This time, I tried a friend's 35mm as I'm debating on the purchase. It posed an interesting challenge and I'm intrigued to use it more often.
Zach started running between his parents and me, back and forth, back and forth. So, I had the 'rents kiss in the background and close up of Zach. I love his facial expressions change from "oooo what's this black thing you hold?" to "hey, what are they doing back there?!" At least that's how I interpreted it....
Now, this is probably the best way I've ever ended a session: with a hug from my Toddler Client. At first, I thought he'd mistaken me for Erin because we were both wearing jeans, but nope, he gave me two more hugs cementing our friendship. I am blessed!
Erin & Carl and my newest little friend, Zach-Thank you so much for having me yet again! I love watching Zach grow and learn. You guys are doing a great job and I can't wait to see what our next session will hold! :)
Many blessings,
PS You can view the rest of their session HERE.