So Little Miss Charlotte has some of the most musically talented parents I know. Both of them twinkle the ivories in different genres and have beautiful voices. Having gone to school with both of them, watching them get married and then find out they were going to be a family of three made me ecstatic.

But, what actually made me sad was when I received the news that the majority of their memories of this little one had been stolen from their home! While Allie took Charlotte for a walk one afternoon, their house was broken into and their electronics were taken-computers, hard drives....anything that had photos of sweet Charlotte included. Thank goodness for places like their blog and Facebook. Two days after this scary event, Matt & Allie had already planned to have Charlotte's 1 year birthday party. They marched on, not letting the thieves steal their true source of joy and I thought a gift of photos was in store for some deserving, awesome parents.

Charlotte has inherited her father's ability to make some pretty silly (and by silly, I mean fantastic) faces for the camera. As I looked through them all, I was able to come up with subtitles pretty easily. But, I'll let you make your own.;)
It's so fun to watch my friends be parents!
I also love photographing confident women in the role of M-O-M. Allie is a fantastic example; I love this pretty lady!
As I saw this series of photos unfold, I could just picture what these two gals will talk about together, sitting Indian-style, hugging pillows on her bed, and sitting face to face when Charlotte is a teenager some day. What a sweet relationship between this Mama and her girly! 
Ok, this photo? I have to give it a subtitle. Charlotte says, "Welcome! Meet my parents. They're just swell."
For whatever reason, in several of my shoots this year, Daddy-o gets a left hook to the chin...
But then, Charlotte made up for it by this sweet moment. She let out this big 'ol sigh, complete with a yawn, and rested her head on his chest. Sometimes I do that with my heavenly Father. For a moment, I totally related to a 14 month old.
After a brief respite, Allie presented the wall to Charlotte and she took it as an opportunity for her Marilyn Monroe moment.
Some might call this a Lion King moment, I call it a really cool reflection shot.

Matt & Allie (& Charlotte): You guys know I love you dearly and that I'm so thankful you took me up on my offer from Charlotte's birthday. I hope this shoot can be in a fresh folder on a fresh computer desktop. Then you can back them up on a CD and put them in a safe deposit box. ;) But seriously. Thank you for who you are and who you are letting God mold you into becoming.
PS You can view the rest of our session together HERE.