What better way to kick off some holiday festivities than hosting one of Gerard's dear friends for a few days and getting together with as many of his high school friends as possible?? I can't think of many other things that top that...

Nathan has been a huge part of Gerard's life since middle school and though he lives in California now, they do as much as is financially possible to see each other. So, when Nathan attends a band/orchestra conference in Chicago, how could he not swing by good ol' Des Moines before heading back to Cali?  I can think of several reasons why he would want to. Their names are: Gerard, Chris and Jessica.
Geoff (Chris's brother) and I tagged along for the food... (and the AWESOME company) ;)
After a brief Sunday afternoon nap, Gerard & Nathan busted out the frisbee while Ella and I fine tuned our low light/action shooting skills.
Gerard couldn't be in a happier place-surrounded by his human & canine best friends.
Though I was working on my action/low light skills, I realized I need some work on posing guys...Especially goofy ones. :)
There were other sweet ones but I was sworn to NOT post them...I do know that these guys will thank me for these photos, albeit slightly cheesy, when they're both 80 and forgetful of what they looked like in their 20s. Their friendship is well documented from middle school, through high school and some college. I see it as my duty to continue that documentation. :)

This is just the beginning of our Christmas vacation. Though posting it all may not happen until January, I am super excited for what all we have in store for us these next two weeks.