I've noticed that when I post something on Facebook about Gerard, I get more comments than any other topic. So, I'm a sucker. A sucker for people to comment on my Facebook status, for example. But I'm also a big sucker for my husband. And when I have to opportunity to combine the two, I'll take it!

A few weekends ago, Gerard and I took a spontaneous mini-road-trip to the famous bridges of Madison County. They're really just 30 minutes away from us or less, so we ventured out in the cold and snow (really, the only snow Iowa has gotten all season) for a mini-photo-shoot.

Two things really prompted this: 1) Gerard has been asked to conduct several honor choirs in recent years and/or judge show choir contests. Sometimes those events request a bio and even a photo for the program. His desperately needed an update. and 2) I needed to take a break and get outside after staring at my computer screen all day watching a CreativeLive course on baby/toddler photography. As much as I LOVED the course, I needed some fresh air too.

Here's what could be considered a bio photo-at least, it was his bio photo for a musical he was in before I met him:
Not exactly appropriate for a professional-educator-holding-master's-graduate now is it?
That's better. :)
I'm so lucky to get to sit across from these eyes for the rest of our days.
Maybe Gerard should become Pitch Perfect Picture's mascot...maybe he's just my biggest cheerleader. Or comment generator. I think I like the description of husband best, though.