I first mentioned them on the blog while describing their

adoption celebration

from 2009 and it feels like just yesterday, Glen & Jill were welcoming two bright eyed little girls into their lives. All of a sudden, we're looking at Nora & Lily's

THIRD birthday party


These two girls light up a room with their smiles and instigate laughter with their frowns. I've heard my husband say that they could teach some of his students a lot about facial expressions because they can be so different from one second to the next. With blue eyes like their gorgeous Mama and personalities that warm your heart, Nora & Lily leave you in awe of God's faithfulness in His plan for this family.

We started on a children's bench that used to be my husband's. And, because of an aversion to grass, moved swiftly to a blanket:

As with most 3-year-olds I've met, Nora & Lily love to run. I think they spent roughly half if not 2/3 of our session on the move....

When we thought it time to get some photos of just Glen & Jill, we brought out a chalkboard for the girls to draw on...

Working with Glen & Jill was super easy because Glen spends a lot of his days behind a camera as well. I could tell he had specific shots in mind for the two of them. He was super polite and let me try my own things first, but gently slipped in his spin on things too. I was so appreciative because it only worked to diversify the portfolio I'm giving them!

As the girls had had a break from photos, we dared one more attempt at a solid family portrait with all 8 eyeballs looking at me and luckily, Jill & Glen had one more trick up their sleeve: twirling!

On the count of three, Glen & Jill were to twirl and everyone look at me when they made it back around:

{ahhhh, sweet victory}

After we'd exhausted the vast majority of the chalk I'd brought (Of note, you should always bring COLORED chalk. I'm clearly a chalk novice compared to Ms. Nora & Ms. Lily's mad chalk art skills!), we gathered the girls into the van for treats and one last shot of Glen & Jill:

Glen & Jill: I'm so thankful and blessed to have you in my life! Allowing me the opportunity to photograph your family leaves me humbled and is truly a huge compliment. I'm so glad the girls had such a great time for an extensive period of time--what a record to beat! Your family was truly a joy to photograph-thank you for being not just sweet clients, but such awesome friends first and foremost to Gerard and me.



PS You can view the rest of our session together