Dear Gerard,

I often ask you why you chose me, why you love me, and what you love about me because there are many days that I honestly don't know why or what there is to love. But you remind me of a few things every time I ask that helps me remember why I love and what I love about you...

You make me laugh.

You watch Pride & Prejudice, Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman, and Downton Abby with me...and actually like them!

You ease my stress.

You cook for me when I don't have the energy or haven't thawed something in advance.

You vacuum because it's my least favorite household chore.

You stayed up into the wee hours of the morning (while I slept) working on your masters after we'd spent time together in the midst of a hectic school year schedule.

You are a wonderful Dad to Ella and strive to lead us in how to best discipline her.

You honor and serve my family as if they had your blood running through their veins too.

You are my best friend, closest confidante and have my heart.

In the past 5 years (because 1 + 1 really does equal 5) I have been stunned by my need for you to be by my side, my encourager and the one person on this earth that believes in me when I doubt myself most.

So, tomorrow, when we celebrate those 5 years by attending the Iowa Games' Ultimate Frisbee fields and then go out to dinner with my Dad in tow, it will be that poetic dance of being your cheerleader and you being my supporter. A dance that started to Bryan Adams' 'Everything I Do' on our wedding day 07.07.07.

 Happy 5th Anniversary babe!

-All my love,