Some may call them gluttons for punishment, I would call them the smartest and kindest children a Dad could ask for. Heather and her husband Ryan returned for a second photo session with me this year for the other side of their family-Heather's dad, Rod, and step mom, Nanette, were gifted a photo session on father's day and we scheduled for the fall. What better gift to give than memories? Probably a gift of memories that doesn't coincide with the Iowa State v. Iowa football game. Whoops. Sorry Steph & Aaron!

From left to right, there's Heather and husband, Ryan and their little girl, Hailey, is sitting on Grandpa Rod's lap next to step Grandma, Nanette. Heather's brother, Trevor, is standing in the center and her sister, Stephanie and her husband Aaron round out the right side.

Once we completed the full family photos, we started doing different combinations of the smaller family units:

Steph + Aaron

Heather + Ryan + Hailey:

All three siblings-poor Trevor


the single man, but his significant other was unable to join us for the afternoon. Whomp whomp....But he made the best of it and put on the gentlemanly charm anyway.

Nanette loved one of the trees near the area we were using and I wanted to incorporate it as well. She and Rod have been married just three years and you could tell by their smiles that they fully enjoy each other's company. That and showering kisses on their granddaughter.

Despite some blotchy shade from the tree, we made our best effort to get everyone around it in a laid back and easy way. Ryan was particularly excited to climb!

Then it was time for Little Miss to have her close up, sitting, dancing and walking:

Heather & Ryan: Thank you so much for having me a second time! Hailey is always adorable and fun to spend time with. I greatly appreciated the opportunity to get to know your family more and meet people who shaped you, Heather. You can view the remainder of our time together