Oftentimes I'm so excited to get a project started that I just whip out the iPhone to get the "Before" shots and "in the middle of" shots. Our most recent improvement to our entryway made it a bit cushy. We had originally found this coffeetable at a garage sale with two side tables for $80 total and have used them all over the house as we've seen fit. Right now, one side table is in our guest room, the other is a side table in our living room. Now, the longest of the tables is serving as a pseudo-mudroom area to sit on while you put shoes on or off.

After a trip to JoAnn's, picking out the fabric and a piece of foam to fit the top of the table, I was ready to get going.

The foam piece was pretty close to the size I needed, but I needed to trim it just a bit. I'm so high tech when it comes to these things-just using a sharpie and a pad of paper....

Again, super high-tech, Gerard suggested a cerated blade to avoid a lot of foam dust and debris.

At JoAnn's, I found spray glue to help adhere the foam while I would be stapling the fabric.

The spray is pretty potent stuff, so I sprayed outside (and also to keep glue from getting on our hardwood floors in the living room...)

She sat out there for roughly two hours or so. The next part, I can laugh about now, but at the time it was pretty frustrating. Gerard loaded the staple gun for me and I got about half way done before the gun jammed. I started getting so frustrated with it, that I threw a slight "hissy" and overturned the table itself. It was then that I admitted to myself that I have a slight anger problem when things don't go my way. The Lord and I are working on it! :) Oh, Internet, I'll be the first to proclaim that I'm not perfect.

Suffice it to say, that I didn't take any photos of the frustrating portion of the project and only have After shots to display at this point:

The baskets underneath hold my shoes (left side) and Gerard's (right side). Center is Gerard's ultimate frisbee athletic bag. I love the storage! :) The pillow was an extra from our couch a mere 10 feet away.

Even Gerard commented that the fabric covered foam made the mud-room corner of our living room have a softer look and definitely more comfortable. When he says things like that, it makes the hissy fit and frustration worth it.  And I'm really thankful that I have a husband who is gracious and patient when those anger issues rear their heads. ;)