After having several business classes together which involved crunching numbers for their actuary majors, Elizabeth & Sam started spending time together outside of class too. Doing, as Elizabeth describes, "Everyday things like grocery shopping and cooking, running errands." They'd done these daily, routine things together so much and for so long that when Sam did them with another person one day, Elizabeth was taken aback. For two reasons. She was taken aback that he would do such a thing, but also surprised that she would care.

Now, as they prepare for their June nuptials, Elizabeth & Sam are doing an awful lot together. Things probably a little more entertaining than just grocery dreaming of their future as husband and wife.

 Among those groceries, I'm sure there's always a treat or dog food of some kind. Xena, Elizabeth's little warrior princess, is a Humane Society rescue pup and has such a docile personality.

 A quick clothing change and we were ready for some more "spiffy" subjects:

 Not only are they fantastic at doing Life together already, but they have the laughter and laughing at each other thing down pat. I love how a slight smirk from Sam is enough to topple Elizabeth over into a ball of giggles.
See what I mean?

Elziabeth & Sam: Thank you so much for choosing me to document this special time in your lives! I'm honored to be a small part of your big day and look forward to seeing you again soon. Give Xena some cuddles for me-she won me over!
PS You can view more of our time together HERE.