I always say the best compliment I can receive is a referral. I'm amending that to also include having a client return for a second session. Especially when its a wedding client returning with their first born child!

Carrie and I first met when she was a bridesmaid for


 and she quietly hinted that she was getting married the following year. As luck would have it, she liked Tasha's wedding photos enough to let me hang out with her and John and my camera for

their day

. Now, fast forward 3 speedy years and here comes adorable Isaac.

 Love this one!

 A lot of these images in this series were taken within our first 15 minutes-amazing how many facial expressions this little guy can go through in that period of time!

 It was a slight long shot to get Isaac with his head up while sitting up at just 3 months, but for a split second, we got it and he was a champ!!

Somehow, the dads always get the funniest candids of being poked in the eye, jabbed in the jaw, or getting their nose picked. John has the honor of joining that most prestigious club:

Carrie + John: Thank you so much for having me document this fun time in your lives. Isaac has such adorable rolls and a great personality. You guys are doing great-he's incredibly fortunate to have you as parents!

Blessings in the journey,


PS You can view more of our session