Oh my word, does this family know how to laugh when they are together! During their session, part of me wished I didn't need to take their pictures, I just wanted to hang out with them. My first interaction with part of this family stemmed from a session last spring with

Jeremy & Christie's brood

. Christie's mom loved the images so much that she wanted to have a family reunion session this fall and despite some distance, scheduling snafoos and side-stepping some sickness in my family, we made it happen. I couldn't have been more pleased with our outcome:

 I loved how this family coordinated their colors, the pops of coral/pink were so cute and fun!

Jason is such a ham and flirt with Janene! It's awesome to see a couple married for over 30 years still laughing and being playful with each other.

 While taking photos of the individual family groups, the rest of the family was behind me getting everyone laughing and giggling=awesome.

 Grandmas are truly the best:

 Jason & Janene-thank you so much for inviting me into your family for a brief moment on a Saturday. I had a blast and hope you enjoy these mementos at least half as much as I enjoyed taking them.



PS You can view the remainder of our session