Originally a referral from a mutual friend, Melissa & Kevin introduced me to their then 2yr-old Jaxon who was a ball of energy. That ball whipped me into shape last fall as a


and now he's going to give his darling little sister a run for her money. Amelia arrived on her due date and couldn't look more like her Mama if she tried. Lulled to sleep by the sound of a vacuum cleaner, we were able to get some precious images to document her tininess at just 7 days fresh.

I love walking into a family's home and using what they have. Melissa & Kevin's home have beautiful hard wood floors and a nice leather sofa to use as our natural backdrop. Super simple, super lovely.

Once we got Amelia fed and warmed up, that vacuum cleaner (and kisses from Mama) did the trick!

 I can't forget sweet Ava. She'll always be their first (fur)baby. :)

 Then we brought Jaxon into the mix:

 Best shot of the morning: a sleep-deprived, yet ecstatically happy, family.

Kevin + Melissa--a pleasure as always! Thank you so much for the amazing privilege of documenting your sweet little ones as they grow. Parents probably don't hear this enough, but you guys are doing a fantastic job with the precious lives in your care. Try to get some sleep!!



PS You can view the rest of our session