I honestly don't know where to begin with this family. Laura contacted me

two years ago

(!) to photograph her newest addition and it's been a

blast ever since

. Well, really, it's been hectic, chaotic, painful and full of doctor's appointments for Laura, which is specifically why I'm posting today. I wanted to gift her with these images as she anticipates surgery tomorrow to celebrate that hopefully, this is the end of a long road of recovery. When they say that your body just isn't the same after bearing a child-they really mean it! Laura's been through the ringer after Tess's arrival and we are sending up prayers by the dozens that this surgery is THE END.

So, Laura, in addition to my prayers, you have your photos today too. May they be something sweet to to have in the waiting room and post op no matter the outcome of your surgery.

Miss Violet always greets me for our sessions by holding my hand and walking with me to our location. I greeted them in the parking lot to help them navigate the freshly fallen hail (yes, HAIL) and she didn't leave my side the sweet thing!

 I'm not always able to get a genuine smile out of Miss Torie, but we nailed it this time! Love her:

Oh Morgan, you look so sophisticated in your hair style and shift dress. . .

 And then there's Tess. I wouldn't call it the Terrible Two's, more like Unpredictable Two's. ;) Man, does she know how to pout!

But those eyes are so lovely when they're not full of tears!

Laura has such style and class. I would not have known the pain she was in had she not told me her story since Tess's birth. She's done fabulously with these dear girls and I absolutely love photographing them all together.

Then, we let them loose and let them play. Tess wanted to watch the snow/hail/sleet falling outside and we were able to catch some great candids.

Laura, Torie, Morgan, Violet and Tess-It's always so fun to hang out with you girls! I'm always amazed at how much you've grown into young ladies. Give your Mama hugs and help her around the house while she recovers ok? You can look at the rest of your photos



Much love and prayers!