Oh what a fun age!! Born as a pre-mie, Ava entered the world at just 4lbs and is rockin' the baby chub now. It's incredibly fun to watch her grow and see her personality emerge. As there was a snow storm about to brew outside, we opted for Jen & Jason's living room that had great indoor light through a huge and beautiful window. Jen came prepared with a few ideas and we worked with Ava to see what she was up for as well. Here are the results with one absolutely adorable little girl: 

Jen mentioned that she felt like Ava's 3 month session was more of a Mommy n' Me session, so she wanted to have a few more photos of just Ava & Jason this time around. So, Jason's back got a workout doing some baby lifts (below): 

A few last shots of the whole family: 

Jen + Jason: You guys know I love you and I'm increasingly grateful for your friendship and your support of my business. That's the added bonus of having a small business: your clients become life long friends. THANK YOU. 

Merry Christmas!!


PS You can view more of our session together HERE