They were both a few years ahead of me at Drake and the impressions I remember of them were always being so poised, "with it" and it seemed like they had it all together, all the time. Oh, and Jon always wore a trench coat in cold weather. (For whatever reason, those stand out to me.) Megan + Jon were the epitome of choral music education majors; if ever there was a poster, they should've been on it. 

Fast forward about a decade, through a wedding at The Salisbury House and two beautiful children, and Megan contacted me to photograph her lovely family. Together, they have an equally beautiful home in Winterset and we started our session there.

Winterset is home to a beautiful City Park, where I've had the fortune to photograph a wedding, but it was really fun to shoot this area in a different season and for a different occasion.  

Before the onset of the winter chill got too close to being bone-deep, we captured a few of Bella & Graham, then raced to the car for hot apple cider. Every musician's child will know how to bow politely by the age of 2 1/2 as evidenced by handsome Mr. Graham....

Jon + Megan: Thank you so much for allowing me to photograph your beautiful family. Bella & Graham did so well, I couldn't tell the chill was affecting them in the slightest. It's also encouraging to know that two strong educators are holdin' down the fort in Winterset and doing so quite well. Your district is lucky to have you both! 

Blessings as we enter the holiday season!


PS You can view the remainder of our session HERE