So what I thought would be my last session of the year, turned into the penultimate when the Lord blessed us with 50degree weather on Dec. 13th. Who would've thought!? Originally scouting out an indoor location for Amber & Ben for the New Year's Day session, we jumped at the chance to shoot on location and take it outside! The boys loved running and blowing off some steam in between some family poses throughout our morning hour together. Here's what we got!

Beckett is an adorable 17 month old and was busy being observant of all the wide open space around him. Reid, 3yrs, seems like the serious onlooker, but we eeked out some smiles from him too. :)

Amber and Ben both work for the Des Moines Public School District and in just our short time chatting with them, I can tell the district is blessed to have them!

Amber + Ben: Thank you so much for having a flexible schedule and taking advantage of the warmer weather! It was wonderful to meet your lovely family and I hope to see you again soon!

Merry Christmas,


PS You can view the remainder of our session HERE