Pssst: Happy Birthday today, Dayna!! I hope these images suffice as a gift that brings a smile to your face.” :)

Dayna & Cole met at Drake, pursued teaching careers in the Des Moines area and eventually, Cole pursued Dayna too. Everyone could see it coming from a mile away but Dayna and eventually, when they married, I was blessed to help document their wedding day. I'm sure many people have wondered what their children would look like when a gal has doe-like eyes and a man has glassy blues. 

But moreso, Cole & Dayna are wonderful people on the inside-caring for others and ministering to students who desperately need positive role-models in their lives. Cole teaches ESL and Dayna has left teaching to join Youth For Christ. This enables her the ability to reach out to the same students that Cole interacts with daily. While my husband mourns the loss of an amazing colleague in the vocal education field, we're cheering them on from the sidelines as they face the everyday challenges of ministry. 

But, let's get back to wondering what their future children will look like, shall we? A week after his due date and 29 hours of active labor later (sans pain meds), meet Westin Bravery:

As Cole & I chatted while I snapped away; I could hear a shower upstairs ending and a blow-dryer beginning. I was so glad that not only was Dayna's baby happy and sleeping for photos, but New Mama got a shower! Not to mention a good hair day!! This was seriously the trifecta of goodness.

It's so intriguing-the history of a house. I had a friend several years ago who lived in this house before Cole & Dayna purchased it and I photographed her baby-my first newborn shoot-in this very room. What a fun circle of how things come 'round. :)

Cole + Dayna: I'm so pleased that this session ran smoothly! Thank you for cranking your heat and taking a few steps to contribute to the success! At 13 days of age, I wasn't sure how Westin would do, but am so pleased that he did marvelously. I know I've said it before, but it bears repeating that having a baby provides such a steep learning curve opportunity-you guys are coming through with high marks! Keep it up and we'll keep praying for you guys as you transition to being a family of three.


Carrie (Gerard & Laidy)

PS You can view more of their session HERE