Stacy's family was one of my last sessions I wrapped up before Adelaide was born last year and it left me so thankful and uplifted. Stacy had encountered a pretty challenging hurdle and had made quick and equally challenging decisions to move from Des Moines to Florida with her son, Soren. Our session last year was one of the last things she had planned before their move that month. Through the explanation of what she was facing and the tears, she promised that she would fly back with Soren for me to take his photos when he turned three. I hoped in my heart that we could make that happen, but was unsure, honestly, if I would ever see them again. 

Boy, I am so thankful I was wrong!! On a whim, I emailed Stacy a month ago to see if we could make a session work when my family travels to Florida for a family wedding this summer. She shot back that she had just booked tickets to come to Des Moines! She beat me to the punch and the rest is history. These are, by far, my favorite images of her with Soren to date.

Family is really important to Stacy and during her trip to the midwest, she wanted Soren to see his half sisters. Enticed by Soren's cuteness and a dinner at Zombie Burger, they were happy to make the trip from Illinois.

At a large majority of Soren's photo sessions thus far, Aunt Melinda has been the goofy source of most of his smiles that I capture. Her antics behind me are such a help while I focus on Soren, my settings and composing the shots for Stacy to love. Thank you Melinda!!

Stacy embodies a large reason as to why I do what I do. She reminds me why taking family photos are so important. Stay with me on this tangent for a moment: when immigrants came over on boats to America, as soon as they were stable and settled, they saved their pennies to get their family photo taken. Why? To send it back to remaining family members in Europe to let them know that they were doing ok and making it.

Family photos don't just document how much a child changes from month to month or year to year. They document a family's history-that they're doing ok and that they're making it. No, life isn't always as happy as the smiles they put on for their 30-45 minutes with me, but these images capture love, family relationships and stories like a single mom who will roll, in a strapless dress, down a grassy hill with her son because he's an awesome little boy who is so dearly loved. 

This is why I do what I do.

Stacy-I'm humbled that despite a 1,500-mile-move, I'm still your family's photographer. It's the greatest compliment that you continue to come back for more and are one of my loudest cheerleaders. Your support of my business and encouragement of my abilities helps keep me going when I encounter a hiccup in this thing we call Entrepreneurship. You and Soren are so near and dear to my heart-I hope it's not another year until our next get-together!!

Blessings. Seriously, lots and lots of blessings,


PS You can view more of our time together HERE