They say the eyes are a peek into a person's soul. If that's true in any small amount, Evangeline and her parents have beautiful souls. With glassy eyes bordered by lashes that go on for days, this girl is going to break hearts some day. . . in about 30 years if her dad, Jake, has anything to say about it. :)

Eva's mom, Natalie, had a connection to this gorgeous garden we shot in for the morning. The home is just a block away from Natalie's parent's home and they were supposed to have Natalie's senior photos taken there. Some of those plans fell through, but things have definitely come full circle as we photograph her daughter and beautiful family instead.

As Eva was winding down, we captured a few images of just Jake & Natalie since they hadn't had any photos taken since their wedding a few years back.

Natalie + Jake: Thank you so much for letting me photograph your beautiful family! I had a ball with Eva-just hope she didn't learn to throw rocks from cousin Carrie! lol :) She did beautifully and you guys are entirely photogenic, inside and out-I'm so glad we're related and get to see you more often now that you're in Des Moines!!



PS You can view the remainder of our session HERE.