You know that I love photographing new families and widening my circle of friends/clients. It's an even more special session when I get to photograph new faces in a new location. Luke's mom, Tracy, works at Des Moines Salisbury House and arranged for her family's photos there as a beautiful backdrop. But really, when your family is this adorable, any backdrop will do.

We started with a few quick and painless family photos, then I let Luke explore while we captured a few of just Tracy & Matt. I absolutely LOVE how these turned out with the lighting and the architecture providing a gorgeous backdrop:

Tracy was part photography client for the evening and part tour guide. I peppered her with questions about the Salisbury House and a few facts that struck me as we walked to the front of the mansion:

1. The gentleman who built it did so based off a mansion's design in England.

2. This particular gentleman made his fortune selling ladies cold cream. (!)

3. There are 42 rooms in the mansion and it costs roughly $5,000/month to heat it during the winter. (yowza!)

But let's keep enjoying the scenery shall we? We made our way to the front of the mansion and saw these beautiful opportunities....

As we made our way to the gardens, we stopped here:

Tracy + Matt: Thank you so much for contacting me to photograph your lovely family! I'm so thankful to have my circle of friends grow and to experience a new location to shoot. I had a wonderful time and I hope to see you three soon, whether or not I have my camera in tow. Luke is such a charming little gentleman and I had so much fun with his adventurous spirit and willingness to smile for the camera! 

Happy school year to you Luke!!


PS. You can view the rest of our session together HERE