After graduation from Drake, I didn't know if my path would ever cross with Laura's again. I certainly followed her choral room fiestiness and hilarious stories from the classroom on Facebook as she moved from one Des Moines Metro school to another. So, imagine my pure excitement when she contacted me to photograph her darling family of four.

Clearly, Laura was excited too. Because when she pulled up next to my car, she jumped out, raced around from the driver's side and opened her arms open wide for a huge bear hug. Now THAT'S how you start a photo session!

However, it took James a little bit to warm up, but letting him run and get the dust brushed off certainly helped: 

Four months ago, Laura and Eric added to their family with little Miss Catherine and she had a blast with my camera:

My jaw dropped when Laura and Eric told me they hadn't had their photos taken of just the two of them since their wedding and as a family since James was an infant. I couldn't resist the opportunity to showcase this couple's fun-loving, flirty and naturally affectionate demeanor when they're near each other. 

I love these family photos directly above, Little Miss Catherine was more interested in Daddy's ring at the time, but these are the best expressions out of James all morning too.  :)

Laura + Eric: You guys are freaking awesome and I love photographing your family. We will definitely have to make this at least an annual event.  But seriously, that doesn't have to be the only time we see you.  Please enjoy these photos while The Plague makes its rounds in your family. I hope they are a bright spot in your week, my dears!

Blessings and please get well soon!!

PS You can view the rest of our session HERE.